Request a Translation

A translation order can be placed using the form in dashboard for various certificates, marksheets, court orders, police statements, public notices, transcripts etc. Up to 10,000 words or 20 A4 pages of an order can be placed online. If your project is more than 10,000 words or 20 A4 pages, please use the quotation form to send us details for the project and one of our linguists, or a member of our Admin team will contact you to discuss further, if necessary. They will provide you with best price according to your request.


What Is Translation?

While linguistic and cultural skills are critical, the most important quality a good translator must have is the ability to write well in the target language. Skilled translators must have the ability to understand the source language and the culture of the country where the text originated, then using a good library of dictionaries and reference materials, to render that material clearly and accurately into the target language.

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