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We are committed to delivering high-quality training that empowers individuals and organisations to excel in their respective fields. Whether you need linguist training, language skills testing, or specialised training related to specific backgrounds, our dedicated team is here to support you. 


At LC Agency, we offer a range of training services to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Whether you’re an in-house linguist, interpreter, translator, or cultural mediator, we have the expertise to enhance your professional skills and ensure you provide high-quality services to vulnerable individuals. Our bespoke training programmes are tailored to your specific requirements, covering topics such as cultural sensitivity, professional ethics, and effective communication in various professional settings. 

Train Your Staff to Work with Interpreters

At Interpreting and Translation LC Agency, we offer specialised training to help organisations effectively communicate with non-native speakers through the use of interpreters. 

 Our expert trainer will equip your staff with essential knowledge and practical skills through interactive sessions. Using various methods, including role plays, we ensure your team understands how to collaborate seamlessly with interpreters to provide exceptional service. 

 Our training covers face-to-face, remote, and video interpreting settings, ensuring your staff is prepared for any communication scenario. We are also flexible in accommodating any unique needs or suggestions from your organisation, making the training experience tailored to your specific requirements. 

Empower your team with the necessary skills to bridge language barriers and provide outstanding service to non-native speakers. Contact us today to schedule a training session for your staff. 




Linguist Training

 If your linguists lack professional qualifications or specific knowledge required for working with vulnerable individuals, we can help. Our experienced trainers can design a customised syllabus to equip your linguists with the necessary skills and knowledge to provide professional services. Additionally, we offer Language Skills Testing to assess the competence level of your in-house or freelance linguists, ensuring they meet the required standards for their roles. 

We understand that not everyone working in various industries may have a background in linguistics. That’s why we offer training programmes to bridge the knowledge gap in areas related to specific backgrounds or communities. Our training covers topics such as government regulations, community matters, migration, modern-day slavery, and working with refugees. These programmes are designed to provide individuals with the knowledge and understanding necessary to deliver effective services to diverse populations. 

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