Terms and Conditions (T&C)

 Terms and conditions for using Linguists Collective platform, marketplace and booking system only 

Please note, Interpreting and Translation LC Agency have separate terms and conditions. 

General customer agreement for the use of the platform and services.
1. Parties: 

This agreement is important and you should read it carefully. It creates a legally binding agreement between you (which includes “You”, “Customer”, “Cash Client”, “Billing Account Client”, “In-House Client”, “Private Client of Linguist”, “Linguist”, “Service Provider”, “User”) and the Linguists Collective Ltd (hereinafter “LC”) for using the Agency Service Marketplace Web platform. By agreeing to these terms and conditions you are also agreeing to our payment processors service agreement and consenting to provide the necessary information and identity documents (ID) to them in to allow for the completion of financial transactions online, including escrow and dispute services. All our documents will be produced in English and all communications will be in English. All clients are customer who will be known as either a Cash Client or Billing Account Client. Service Provider are Linguists or Multilingual Professionals. LC is the Platform Owner or the Marketplace Provid

2. About LC:   

LC is a registered company in the England and Wales and the registered office is at: 38 Mill Street, Bedford, England, MK40 3HD. Email: admin@linguistscollective.com; Website and web app:  linguistscollective.com. Registered company number – 12880731.  

2.1. Aims and Objectives of the Company are:   

a. To provide language services, relevant expert and language-based professional services at home and abroad.

b. To provide freelance linguists an online platform to look for work on.  

c. To make a profit and create wealth for LC and then reinvest and pay dividends to the investors and shareholders.

d. To seek to achieve excellence in the language service industry, prioritising customer satisfaction.

e. To seek to make language services available and easily accessible to competent authorities, businesses and the wider public.  

f. To operate a system of quality assurance to ensure that any dissatisfaction with the service provided is investigated and resolved in a fair and swift manner.  

g. To promote better pay and conditions for linguists and language professionals.  

h. To strive to ensure that LC is a multicultural and diverse organisation, and that its board reflects these values.   

i. We use our best endeavours to compete fairly in the market in order to achieve our objectives.

j. We will seek to be fair, ethical, co-operative, transparent and to operate a smart marketplace for ease of use

3. LC Online Platform, Marketplace and the Booking System:     

LC have developed an online platform for achieving its Aims and Objectives. The platform is a combination of an Agency Booking System and Marketplace. Service Seekers, Service Buyers or users of the service can use the platform to make a booking for an interpreter, order translation, or to request a quote for services and for posting industry-related or multilingual job advertsService provider (or linguist) users will be able to respond to those requests and/or provide services according to the criteria requested by the Service Buyer under the Terms and Conditions of LC. Users must not take screenshots or photographs of our website or system and must not copy and paste content from LC website and/or dashboard/s.   


4. Users and payment processing:   

Service Buyers are divided in two categories ‘Cash Client’ and ‘Billing Account Client’. ‘Cash Client’ includes in-house client and private client of linguistCash Clients will be required to pay in advance and the payment will be handled by LC’s payment processor’s escrow service (Mangopay Escrow/PayPal). Upon completion of service, the Service Provider (linguist or language professionals) will issue an invoice and the balance will be demanded for payment. In the event that an invoice is for less than the advance deposit, an automated refund will be made as appropriate according to the invoice. Account Clients will be allowed to pay all invoices separately in any given month or may pay all invoices due for that month together at the end of each month. Billing Account Client will be able to add additional users to their account (on the User Dashboard) to fulfil their any high demand for service. However, any additional user on an account will have limited access and only the party with whom LC has an agreement will have full access to all functions of the Account Client Dashboard. Generally any person using the LC website should be 18 or overHowever, with the permission of a legal guardian or contract holder who has an agreement with LC users between ages of 16-18 will be permitted to use the website or web app platform. In the near future, we may introduce Licensing by Active User Accounts. Payments made in advance will not be released until the successful completion of the service

5. Advance payment of estimated price or quote:     

Cash client will be required to pay an estimated value of service at the point of booking or accepting a quotation. This advance payment will be held in our service account until completion of the service. Once the service provider successfully delivers the service, they will issue a final invoice according to the pre-agreed price or Company Rate Card (price list). If the invoice value is less than the estimated payment, a refund will be issued to the client and if the invoice is greater than the estimated value, the client must accept the invoice and make the final remaining payment.    

6. Billing:  

Billing option only available to the Billing Account Client. An Account Client is not required to pay in advance for booking, order, or accepting a quotation. The Service Provider will usually issue an invoice at the end of service contract or requested serviceThe invoice will then be saved on the billing account client tab for monthly billing. At the end of each month all invoices will be grouped and produced as bills and sent to the Account ClientThe Account Client will have up to 14 days to pay the bill. We aim to send any payments received to Service providers within 14 days of receipt from a Client. Account Clients will be charged a fixed 10% fee on the top of the total amount of any invoice to cover premium service, administration and account management costs.    

7. Time limit for any dispute:   

For all services (namely Face-to-Face (F2F) bookings, Remote/Telephone services and translation services) clients will have up to 14 days from the service-completion date to raise any dispute in relation to an invoice.

8. Responding to client’s disputes:     

Clients may raise disputes about invoices or service-quality. Clients must provide evidence to support any claim. It is the duty of the service provider to respond to a client’s dispute (unless it is indicated by the client that LC management should deal with the matter). In such circumstances, service providers will be asked to provide a written response to the management. In any event, if the matter is not resolved after two responses from the service provider, an LC employee or management may intervene to resolve the matter. Any dispute outcomes will be shared with the payment processor (unless the payment processor is already involved).

9. Self-billing / managing invoice:    

It is the responsibility of the Linguist or Service Provider to invoice the client after providing a service according to the Rate Card or pre-agreed price/ client quote. However, if LC is aware that the service was provided successfully and the service provider failed to issue an invoice, LC may assist or issue an invoice on behalf of the service provider without any additional agreement between all the parties. Service providers must be open and honest when invoicing a client or self-billing. Invoices will be Client dashboard and’/or sent by email.   

10. Pricing, fees and Rate Card:       

A copy of the Rate Card can be accessed from the user’s Dashboard. The Rate Card has the full details of pricing, service charges and any additional charges. LC reserve the right to change the Rate Card and payment policy with a seven-day notice.  

In the UK, EU, Canada, United States of America, Switzerland, Australia and New-Zealand, a Freelancer (Assistant Level 1, Junior Level 2, Co-operator Level 3, Associate Level 4, Partner Level 5) may quote up to 10% less than the company standard price when providing a quote (but there are no upper limits).  

11. Security clearance of Linguist or service provider:       

It is the aim of LC to provide clients the complete peace of mind and to access to high standard of professionals or service providers. Therefore, all our UK service providers must provide a DBS-check certificate (or current equivalent) as a minimum-security clearance before providing any service or using our platform. EU and other service providers should provide equivalent or a certificate from the relevant competent authority or police indicating that they have no criminal record or pending investigation. All foreign or UK and EU service providers, must sign the self-declaration document that they do not have any criminal record/pending investigation. If there is any adverse information, it has to be declared and it will then be assessed on a case-by-case basis and the information may be shared with perspective clients. If the circumstances of a service provider changes, they must inform LC within seven days. It is the responsibility of linguists or service providers to renew or update security clearance certificates as appropriate and provide a copy of the same to LC. Failure to comply with this security clearance requirement will lead to removal from our system. It is the responsibility of service buyers (clients) to check security clearance before using the linguist or service provider by either king LC or the service provider directly to provide a copy of proof or certificate etc.   

12. Automatic sourcing:         

Our system will try to source Face-To-Face (F2F) interpreting Linguist for CAC, BAC and INC by booking a Linguist within a 70 miles radius of the assignment venue location. However, this may not always be possible. If the system cannot allocate a linguist within this radius, our system will try to source Linguist from outside the 70-mile radiance in which case an Overnight Allowance (OA) charge will apply to the  booking. If a linguist or service provider has to travel 70 miles or more to provide a service in London, the service provider will charge additional fixed fees (please refer to Rate Card for all our fees, rates and additional charge). This is due to higher accommodation and transport costs in London.   

13. Cyber-attack or hacking:         

LC strive to protect its webapp system and implement the best available security and will continue to do so. It is an ongoing process and LC will try its best to protect the system and its users. However, the company will not be responsible for any damage caused due to any cyber-attack, virus, phishing or criminal activity. It is the responsibility of users to keep their login credential secure and secret and must not share it with anyone. We recommend that users change password regularly and keep them secret and also use appropriate anti-virus software.    

14. Cancellation policies:        

Our service provider professionals and professional linguists are self-employed freelancers. They are our co-operator, associate, partners and experts. It is extremely hard for them to compensate for any cancellation at short notice. This causes financial damage and we are committed to provide best service to our customer. With no stable income and the real living wage, they cannot continue to provide their services. We see a high turnover of professionals within the industry due to them not having basic standards of income and any employment rights or support from the government. However, with the best intention, we adopt the most ethical cancellation policies for our clients. We understand it is not always possible to foresee all circumstances, but if you become aware that a job is going to be cancelled, we urge you to cancel the booking ASAP. Client / customers (for confirmed jobs only):   

Clients can cancel a job without charge up to 48 hours before the start of the booking for any local job.   

Clients will be charged 25% of the total estimate / invoice for any job which is cancelled with less than 48 hours’ notice   

Clients will be charged 50% for cancelling jobs with less than 24 hours notice   

Client will be charged 100% for onsite cancellation or within 6 hours of the job start time.   

Please note that LC or LC’s payment processor cannot issue refunds for bank transfers or direct debit payments.  Clients may claim a credit note in the event of successfully disputing a service or invoice.  LC encourages CAC, INC and PRC to pay using bank or credit cards to enable ease of refunds in the event that one is required. 

15. Cancellation and assignment retuning policies for linguist:        

Direct bookings, F2F and Remote jobs accepted by Linguists can return them before 48 hours on the ground of illness and/or personal emergency/circumstances.  

Direct booking jobs accepted by Linguists can return before delivering with the penalty of 35% of the total value.  

On the ground of poor health (sickness absence) or emergency a maximum of six jobs can be returned in any given year without paying any penalty. If a Linguist accepts a job, LC and client  both expect them to deliver to a high standard, being punctual and in accordance with the code of conduct.    

16. Post-termination and Restrictive Covenants restrictions         

Linguists must not approach any of LC’s clients directly within two years of ending their agreement with LC, except if the client was added by the Linguist to the system as personal client

17. Who is who?           

17.1. Linguist Professionals (LIN/PRO)- It is your responsibility to book the person with the right expertise for the job. Know the linguist’s title (Assistant – Level 1, Junior – Level 2, Co-operator – Level 3, Associate – Level 4, Partner – Level 5, Professionals – Level X), qualifications, experience and relevant skills. Clients can select the most suitable linguist needed for their assignment from the dropdown menu of “..linguist’s skills level required”. Price will vary according to the selection, details can be found on Rate Card. SPPO is a service providing partner organisation, but they may have a group of linguists working under a umbrella.   

17.2. Cash Client (CAC)– Cash Clients can book, order or request a quote from their dashboard directly. For booking an interpreter, ordering a translation or to accept and confirm a quote, cash clients will have to pay an estimated amount as a deposit. After completing the service, linguists will invoice, and Cash Clients will have to pay any remaining balance. If Cash Clients have overpaid, a refund will be issued to the client together with the invoice. CAC is managed by LC management

17.3. Billing Account Client (BAC) – Account Client can book, order or request a quote directly from their dashboard. For booking an interpreter, ordering a translation or to accept and confirm a quote Account Client either pay in advance or add to their billing account to pay at end of each month. Clients can become Billing Account Client by making an application to LC. If billing clients paid in advance and this happens to be more than the final invoice balance it will be added to the billing or refunded back to them (or vice versa). A statement will be provided to BAC by LC in a monthly cycle. Bills must be paid within 14 days for the billing date. BAC will enjoy additional benefits and an additional 10% on the total will be charged for administration and account management.  

17.4. In-house Clients (INC) – In-house clients managed by the Linguist or SPPO adding the client into the system will be managed by the same Linguist or SPPOOnly in the event of an urgency, will LC intervene to provide support to either party for an additional administration charge. LC is not responsible for any matter related to INC and INC clients should contact the relevant linguist or SPPO for customer service or any related matters. Linguists or SPPOs must attain relevant permission from clients before adding them to the system. INC clients can book an interpreter and order a translation in any language. INC clients will pay in advance in a similar manner to CAC client

17.5. Private Clients (PRC) – same as INC except Private Clients are added by Linguists only and can book interpreting assignments or order a translation only in the language that the Linguist is registered to provide the service in. PRC can request quote for the same language as the Linguist as well.   


18. Discipline:             

Service providers alleged to have been misleading and or overcharging clients will be suspended from the system pending investigation or legal action. If the allegations are found proven, he/she will be permanently removed from our company data. Clients who fail to follow our terms and conditions will be notified and may be permanently removed from our system, depending on the seriousness of the breach. LC reserve the right to restrict users.   

19. Non-disclosure agreement:               

All our service providers (Linguists/ SPPOs) are legally bind by our non-disclosure agreement. Our Linguists must be fully aware of their responsibility as a linguist, interpreter or translator or multilingual professionals and must provide the service with highest standard and keep all relevant details confidential, unless they must revel the matter in order to fulfil a legal duty, or the matter is already in the public domain. A copy of the linguist contract is available within the linguist dashboard.   

20. All the User must undertake Not to:                

– Execute the Framework Contract in an illegal manner or in conditions that are likely to damage, deactivate, overload or impair the Website in any way;  

– Assume the identity of another person or entity, falsify or conceal his/her identity or age, or create any false identity; or  

– Disseminate personal data or information concerning a third party, including postal addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, bank details etc.   

In the event of User default, the Issuer (LC, Payment processor) reserves the right to take any appropriate measures to stop the relevant actions/activities. The Issuer will also be entitled to suspend and/or block access to the Account.  

21. Code of Conduct for professionals (Linguist / Service Provider):                    

We highly recommend that all our professionals follow their appropriate Codes of Conduct of their respective professional bodiesIf a professional is not living in the UK but is providing services in the UK, they must follow British and LC professional code of conduct. In providing services to a foreign client (where the linguist is living outside the UK), then the European or general international professional standard will have to be followed alongside the LC code of conduct

22. Trust, Authority and Responsibility:                      

We trust our linguist and professionals with authority and we expect them to discharge their duties responsibly. Unlike others in the market, we are transparent and provide Linguists with great access to the system allowing them to manage their clients and bookings. This transparency and authority comes with responsibility and it is for the best of all of us that we must uphold the code of practice, be honest, mindful of laws and regulations, and be compliant with them at all times. Linguists must not leave their computer or phone open and logged onto the system in public. Never share work materials, client or job details with anyone except LC administration. Linguists must keep LC business and LC client business strictly private and confidential. LC linguists must adhere to the NRPSI (https://www.nrpsi.org.uk) (where appropriate) and LC Codes of Conduct.   

23. Automatic exclusion from the company:                     

Linguists Collective will automatically exclude professionals that are attempting to take private payments from clients directly or indirectly without using the LC platform. If it comes to LC’s attention that professionals are trying to undertake private transactions with our clients, LC may take legal action against that individual for any loss of business occasionedFor all Private bookings and In-house bookings made using the LC platform full payment must be completed using the LC payment system.  

24. Prohibition:                      

All users are expected to follow and abide these rules and regulations. Any breach of these terms and conditions may result in a user’s account being closed and LC may take appropriate action/s against the particular individual.  

Linguists Collective platform must be used for all jobs booked or orders placed by clients to invoice and collect payment.   

In the event of users adding private clients to LC the platform for invoicing, they must first seek necessary permission from the client before doing so.   

All users must process all payments using our web platform system.  

All Linguists must provide ID (copy of passport, national identity card) and proof of address (utility bill, driving licence) before they will be permitted to use the system and receive payments.  These details may be shared with LC payment processors and for our own verification.   

Together with these terms and conditions of using the LC platform, all Linguists and Professionals must comply with their relevant national regulator, LC Service Agreement, NDA, GDPR/UK data protection regulations (whatever is applicable) and LC Code of Conduct Agreement.   

LC system users must not abuse the platform in anyway. They must not  abuse the system in any way but should only use it for the sole intended business purpose (eg, booking, accepting or rejecting jobs, requesting or providing with quotation).   

Payment processors may act as an escrow and make refunds in the event of incomplete service.   

Linguists are not permitted to share their account with anyone else and must not permit any unauthorised person to use the LC system. All users must be verified and have their own credentials to login. For Billing Account Clients, the main user will be responsible for adding new user/s to the system and give all additional users unique credentials for logging onto the platform or accessing the dashboard.  

Users must not share their LC account with any other individual  

Users must not take screenshots or photos of the LC screen, copy content or data from the LC website platform and share it with other individuals, business organisation or online,   

Any illegal activity using the LC platform will be reported to the competent authority,  

Users must not promote or sell their own services or products not related to LC using the LC platform. This includes, but is not limited to, other interpreting agencies, business organisation, religious or political beliefs.   

25. Right to amend, add or remove terms and conditions:                     

LC reserves the right to make any changes to this agreement at any time. As a matter or courtesy, LC will consider giving a minimum seven-day notice before enforcing any change of our terms and conditions. We may introduce other separate agreements for our Clients and Linguists, if necessary to minimise risk and or to protect all parties.   

26. Privacy and GDPR:                      

LC will never share your details with anyone except payment processors or to comply with any legal obligation. Your data will be saved within the LC system and only shared accordingly with your permission. LC will use your data for verification purposes, send notifications of job offers, booked job reminders etc. LC will keep your data for maintaining your profile with LC, checking profiles to match expertise for assignments or direct professionals, and to share appropriate data in order to process payments with the payment processor.   

26.1. Users should allow notifications (email, push and or SMS) for smooth operations of LC booking system. As a minimum user must allow email notifications for using the LC platform.   

26.2. Cookies of LC platform must be accepted for the system to operate smoothly. Should users wish to remove cookies they should do so after using the platform. Some functionalities will not work without allowing LC webapp cookies.   

26.3. LC may promote CPD training courses, professional qualifications and other items among Linguists for improving Linguists skills levels or continuing professional development.  

26.4 LC may promote its own items, including own-branded stationeries, which may be useful or of assistance to Linguists in performing their duties.   

26.5 Your data may be used by Moons ABC and CITC for technical support.  

27. Agreement:                         

By using the LinguistsCollective.com website Users agree to the above terms and conditions of Linguists Collective Ltd.   

——- end of the agreement ——-   

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