Language Skill Testing

Language Skill Testing Service

As an independent skills testing agency, we take pride in our team of industry-leading linguists. With years of professional experience and expertise in testing skills, they are equipped to assess and evaluate your linguists with precision. Our comprehensive testing process covers reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills, ensuring a thorough evaluation of their language proficiency. 

Language Skill Testing

Welcome to I&T LC Agency, your trusted partner in interpreting and translation services. In addition to our core services, we are delighted to offer a unique solution: Testing Linguists’ Skills. Our testing service is designed to cater to organisations that employ in-house or agency linguists for language services but may lack formal interpreting or translation qualifications. We understand the importance of ensuring the proficiency and competence of linguists, and our tests are tailored to provide peace of mind for all parties involved. 

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Convenient Online Tests and In-Person Speaking Assessments for Linguists

For reading, writing, and listening tests, we have developed a user-friendly web platform that enables test takers to conveniently complete the assessments from the comfort of their homes. This flexible approach saves time and ensures convenience without compromising the accuracy of the evaluation. Furthermore, for the speaking component, we offer appointments where linguists can showcase their oral skills, providing a more comprehensive assessment. 

Comprehensive Interpreting Assessments: Face-to-Face and Online Appointments

When it comes to assessing interpreting skills and techniques, we offer both face-to-face and online appointments. These sessions include role plays that simulate real-life scenarios, allowing us to gauge the linguists’ abilities to handle various interpreting challenges. By evaluating their performance against set criteria, we ensure that your linguists meet industry standards and deliver quality service.

In addition to our skills testing service, we also provide Linguist Training Services specifically tailored for preparing linguists for interpreter qualification tests. Our experienced trainers collaborate closely with your organisation to develop a comprehensive syllabus that covers all the necessary topics and skills required for interpreter qualifications, ranging from level 3 to 6. We also cater to specific organisational needs, such as interpreting for refugees. With our support and guidance, your linguists can confidently navigate the testing process, enhance their professional credentials, work for your organisation and excel in their interpreting careers.

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