Face-to-Face (FTF)

Do you need a face-to-face interpreter? Our qualified interpreters come to your organization for onsite interpreting and for a wide range of face-to-face assignments. Whatever you need, we can provide! We have separated them into various categories to match the linguist qualification and experience to what you need. 

Remote Interpreting / Video Remote Interpreting (RI/VRI)

Remote interpreting provides flexibility to our clients and increases the opportunity in finding linguists who are experts in a particularly rare language. During booking, our clients would need to specify how an interpreter should contact you and provide a specific date and time. Linguists Collective avoids providing a system which restricts our clients in any way. We aim to provide full transparency and allow flexibility to use our system to organize meetings or appointments in whatever way suits you.

What is Interpreting

Interpreting, just like translation, is basically paraphrasing—the interpreter listens to a speaker in one language, grasps the content of what is being said, and then paraphrases his or her understanding of the meaning using the tools of the target language. An interpreter changes words into meaning, and then changes meaning back into words—of a different language.

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