Statement Drafting Service

This is for those who are not very adept in a specific language. We understand that our clients will be well-versed in their native tongue. Our linguists will be able to convey what the client needs, take notes and draft up a statement tailored to the language a client can read and speak in. Linguists will ensure to check every detail is accurate with the client, and if there is a need for amendment, our Linguists will do so.

Forensic and Expert Evidence Service

This special service is also designed to aid security personnel and the police in investigating any serious matters. For a court needing any expert evidence, a team of three linguists, an assistant linguist and a legal expert, will do the necessary work and produce the report to the court. However, for security and police, it entirely depends on the service needed, in order to work out a charge. It may be that a sole expert linguist is hired to assist them.

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