Linguists Collective Conference &
International Mother Language Day Celebration

Tuesday, 21st February 2023

15:30 London Time

Linguists Collective Conference & Celebration of International Mother Language Day

Sana Neji

Cultural Mediator / Interpreter

My name is SANA NEJI, I am Tunisian, I am 34 years old migrated to Italy for family reasons, born and raised in Tunisia, and i come to Italy to conclude my university studies.

I graduated in language translation L2 interculturality. I live in Italy since 2009, I have been working as a cultural mediator since 2010 lately I am doing the work of legal operator, in the border between Italy/ Slovenia.  

During my work assignment I learned a lot but above all grew a lot, and every job I do I realize that language is the key to the universe, it opens and closes everything.  I remember that when I arrived in Italy I found it difficult to enroll in university because no one spoke English or French… so if you didn’t speak Italian you couldn’t communicate except with gestures.

I understood how fundamental is the language barrier that allows you to cross from one bridge to another and from there I got the urge to start being a translator, interpreter and cultural mediator, .Each role of them has been matured with time experience contact and frequency. It is easy to speak the language but it is difficult to know how to carry it, it is easy to be a mediator but it is difficult to mediate, IT’S A  RESPONSIBILITY.

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