Linguists Collective Conference &
International Mother Language Day Celebration

Tuesday, 21st February 2023

15:30 London Time

Mohammad Moctar

Translator / Interpreter

Mohammed Moctar is an experienced interpreter and translator registered with Linguists Collective, Mr Moctar has over 8 years of professional experience. He has worked on-site for various organizations and agencies, including the European Border Control Frontex, the European Union Agency for Asylum, territorial commissions in Italy, immigration offices of the police headquarters in Salerno, and a refugee camp in Damasco. He is fluent in French, Sango, and Italian, and proficient in English, Djoula/Dioula, Bambara, Soninke, Classic Arabic, Mandinka/Mandingo. 

Mohammed is passionate about providing accurate interpretation with a deep understanding of both the source and target languages. He has received extensive training in interpretation and translation, including courses with the UNHCR, the Open University, and the European Union Agency for Asylum. He also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Literature and International Languages from the University of Bangui and a Secondary Education Diploma from Lycée Bangui. In addition, he has received a    computer license from ANSI Formation and completed a course on intercultural mediation with Divulgación Dinámica. 

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