Linguists Collective Conference &
International Mother Language Day Celebration

Tuesday, 21st February 2023

15:30 London Time

Abir Dandachi


I grew up in Lebanon where a foreign language is taught from kindergarten along with Arabic, in my case it was French. Therefore, I have been immersed in this language and its culture since my early childhood. This double culture naturally led me to choose France to pursue my university studies. 

My first degrees were in psychology before I switched to languages, Russian and especially English, and I have developed a passion for the great English and American writers.  

Loving to travel and to meet other cultures, I also specialized in the teaching of French as a foreign language. This is how I came to teach this language abroad, and it is during one of these missions that I had the opportunity to work in a French embassy as a translator/interpreter. Back in France, I started a master II in translation.  

Since 2019, I am a self-employed sworn translator/interpreter.  

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